Vuforia SDK for HoloLens is officially available

Kit McDonald

The smoothest way to develop for the HoloLens is now available to the public. Vuforia has been used by many early access developers to create virtual manuals, games, and more through its capability to connect AR models and information to environmental details. Now everyone can access Vuforia’s SDK  on their website.

You might remember Vuforia being mentioned in regards to experimental developers such as Gold Team Productions and their ever developing Yu-Gi-Oh! holographic card game. This is the perfect example of viewing an image through a HoloLens to produce an augmented reality experience right in front of your eyes, all thanks to the VuMark technology that Vuforia has been perfecting.

With 250,000 developer licenses already in action, Vuforia and its patented VuMark are available for everyone now for download as SDK across Android, iOS, Windows 10 UWP, and Unity platforms.