VSO Media Player Beta

VSO Media Player will play videos, blu-rays, dvds and audio files without any external codecs. Free VSO Media player manages playlists. It is extra light and easy to use. The player supports blu-ray and DVD iso files.

Whats new in this beta build?

– If media is dropped in the player section it will be played right away
– Fixed bug when dropping item in playlist before currently played item
– Fixed empty extra audio stream when True AC3 stream detected
– Fixed exception in some cases when deleting item
– Roll animation in GDI mode is back
– In GDI mode left panel is sizeable
– Animations will no longer be in conflict with themselves
– Playlist can be saved as m3u file type
– Fixed transport stream demuxer
– Assertions will no longer cause crashes
– Changed load progress display
– GDI set as default mode
– Fixed default settings button size

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