Ahead of Build 2014, voice assistant Cortana makes appearance in Bing settings page

Voice Assistant Service Cortana Makes Appearance in Bing Settings Page

Microsoft’s long rumored voice assistant service for Windows Phone, Cortana, has made another appearance. Ahead of Microsoft’s annual Build conference set to start in just a few hours, a few references of Cortana could be spotted on Bing’s settings page. The timing of this gives rise to the possibility that Cortana could be officially announced at the conference today.

If you visit Bing.com now, and go to the settings (you need to be signed in before doing that), under the Personalization tab, there is an option which reads, ‘Other Cortana data‘. Its description hints at the service’s integration with Bing search engine. Another reference could be found in the ‘Interest’ section, and another one below the ‘Clear personal information’ option. Bing will supposedly utilize users’ Cortana data to personalize search results and recommendations.

A few weeks ago, the SDK of Windows Phone 8.1 leaked onto the web, although the Cortana feature was not the part of the simulator, there were many references of it inside the code. Few weeks later, a very commendable video of Cortana was demonstrated. Are you excited about Cortana? Stay tuned to follow Build 2014 updates. 

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