Vocal Camera app for Windows Phone is the perfect alternative to a dedicated camera button

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Vocal Camera app for Windows Phone is the perfect alternative to a dedicated camera button

Owning a Lumia smartphone can be a pleasant experience, especially for photography enthusiasts. Camera quality is one of the big reasons the Lumia line has been such a success. Lower end Lumia smartphones, unfortunately, do not have a dedicated camera button, making it a little bit harder to snap photos on the fly (the Lumia 735 is one example of a phone that lacks a camera button). But thankfully, there is a free app in the Windows Phone Store that makes you say “we don’t need no stinkin’ dedicated camera button!”

Simply grab Vocal Camera from the Windows Phone Store, enable “Speech Recognition Service” in the Speech settings on Windows Phone, launch the Vocal Camera app and say “shoot” to begin taking photos. You don’t need to fumble around with on-screen buttons or a dedicated camera button. Just point your camera and say “shoot.” Your phone will slightly vibrate indicating that your command was received (you can turn this feature off if you don’t like it) and your camera will snap a picture. Other voice commands include “focus” to focus your camera, “flash auto” to set flash to auto, “flash on” or “flash off” to enable or disable flash, and “back” or “front” to toggle the rear or front camera. To zoom in, just say “enlarge.” Don’t like these voice commands? You can easily edit them to your liking. Vocal Camera is a really useful app if you want an easier way to take photos with your Lumia smartphone.

“Vocal Camera permits you to control your Windows Phone camera with your voice! You don’t need to spend time searching for settings anymore! In addition to taking pictures you can also switch between cameras, choose flash mode, scene mode, and grid visualization. Vocal commands can also be customized as you wish! What are you waiting for! Oh, it’s free too,” the app description reads. Grab the app from the download link below.

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