VMware source code leaked, company claims ‘no increased risk to customers’

VMware is admitting that hackers have placed their dirty hands on some of the company’s source code and posted it online. However, VMware is claiming that there is no increased risk to customers due to the security breach. About 300MB of source code was leaked.

“Our security team became aware of the public posting of a single file from the VMware ESX source code and the possibility that more files may be posted in the future. The posted code and associated commentary dates to the 2003 to 2004 timeframe. The fact that the source code may have been publicly shared does not necessarily mean that there is any increased risk to VMware customers,” the company stated. According to VMware, source code and interfaces are shared with industry participants to “enable the broad virtualization ecosystem today.” There is a possibility that more of the source code will be leaked in the near future but VMware believes it poses no increased security risk for it’s customers.

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