VLC for Windows Phone beta invites sent out, Windows RT version a week or two away

VLC for Windows Phone beta invites went out, and Windows RT version is a week or two away

VLC has been 'coming' to Windows Phone for a long time now, but there is now a light at the end of a very long tunnel. Earlier today via twitter the lead developer working on this project asked for beta sign ups. Unfortunately there were only a 10,000 spots and they went immediately, this 10,000 beta tester limitation comes from the store and not from VideoLan.

Porting VLC to run on Microsoft's new app model on ARM chips has proven to be very difficult. Luckily the developers at VideoLAN don't give up easily and are dedicated to bringing an app to WinRT on ARM. When the app is up and running on Windows Phone it will be easier to bring it to Windows RT and run on tablets like the Surface 2 which have ARM CPUs.

Also on twitter the official VideoLAN account said that the Windows RT port of VLC should be a week or two away. This is most likely because having a stable app on Windows Phone means getting the app to run on ARM chips, and since it sounded like the team had to rewrite a large portion of the code to work on WinRT, this hasn't been easy. Nevertheless, the team is moving forward and will deliver a finished product.

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