VLC for Windows 8.1 gets bug fixes to improve stability

VLC for Windows 8.1 gets bug fixes, much more stable now

Earlier this month, VLC was released for Windows 8.1 with a new design, and unfortunately, some pretty significant bugs. Today, it has gotten an update meant to fix them.

If you haven't downloaded it in fear, it seems much more stable now (download link below). And the bugs that were present all seem aimed at an empty library or missing folders, which makes sense as edge cases are always the most tedious to check and fix. For those of you with content, you should dodge some of the bugs if they remain.

There was a unique bug last time where if your music library was empty and you clicked 'artists' it would simply crash. That bug still seems to be there. But, I am running Windows 10 Technical Preview, so that may not be a concern for those of you running 8.1. Also, while users have seen an inconsistent experience, that could mean yours is better than average.

Thomas Nigro is the developer behind VLC for Windows 8.1, and he has asked for any bugs you experience. This is still a beta product, so do try to be patient, especially since there isn't a huge team going through these bug reports.

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