VLC for Windows 8 revealed in screenshots and it looks gorgeous

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VLC for Windows 8 is currently a work in progress and everyone is itching for it to be released, so we can enjoy a fine media player on Microsoft’s latest operating system. Now, new details have emerged about VLC for Windows 8.

According to the developers, tremendous progress has been made in creating VLC for Windows 8. However, there still needs to be a lot of work done before the app gets submitted to the Windows Store for all to download.

So far the developers have replaced the “forbidden symbols” now allowed in the Metro/Modern mode of the app, since the developers have been working closely with the Mingw-w64 project and GCC developers. As of right now, they have cut down 90% of the symbols.

The developers are currently working on allowing VLC player to work with MSVCRT 11.0 without crashing, writing headers and other code. Once an app is released for Windows 8, the developers will begin work on a Windows RT version of the app as well as a Windows Phone 8 version. So far, all we know is that VLC for Windows 8 will be “shipped soon.”

Thanks to @Windows4live for the tip!


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