VLC for Windows 8 to receive a major update, Windows Phone 8.1 app arriving very soon

VLC for Windows 8 to receive a major update, Windows Phone client to arriving soon

For all those who are eager to know when the massively popular media player, VLC, will arrive in the Windows Phone Store, there is some good news. Thomas Nigro, the developer of VLC app, has revealed the screenshots of VLC’s Windows Phone client. He is also working on a major update for the Windows 8 client of the media player.

VLC has now become a Universal App, which means, as Nigro said, all the three clients of the app - Windows 8.1, Windows Phone, and Windows RT essentially share the same code. Nigro said that he is having some trouble with the ARM compiler, which is why it has taken so long for him to get VLC on Windows Phone and Windows RT platforms.

VLC’s modern app has been available for some time now, however, it needs serious performance improvements. The good news is that Nigro has rewritten the app and has made it streamlined. The update -- which brings the much needed performance boost and stability -- will arrive next week, he adds. However, with the update, VLC’s modern app will become unusable on Windows 8 (requiring Windows 8.1).

Nigro also updated us with the development of VLC’s Windows Phone client. Citing ARM compiler issues, Nigro promised that the update -- whenever it arrives (possibly next month), will definitely include all the new features. In addition, Nigro notes that VLC for Windows RT is having the same ARM compiler issues -- as soon he is able to sort it out, the app will be released to the respective Store. 

VLC for Windows Phone

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