VLC app for Windows Phone updated with minor bug fixes and improvements

Joseph Finney

VLC sees a new app update with minor bug fixes and improvements

Windows Phone has struggled to get popular apps to support the platform, but VLC is one of the few big names who has decided to make a Universal App now and not wait for Windows 10. The app was recently released to support Windows RT devices with the announcement the app has been declared as a Universal App. Now the Windows Phone app has received an update bringing bug fixes and performance improvements.

The app also looses the Beta in its name, however this is simply a requirement by the Windows Phone store and not a technical or project milestone. Thomas Nigro on Twitter has stated the app remains in a beta phase according to the Windows app development. The app still has several features which are on the road map such as hardware accelerated video decoding, but these features are not in this release. VLC has seen great support from the dev team and great communication about its development process.