VLC Beta for Windows Phone sees a new update, brings bug fixes and tweaks

VLC Beta for Windows Phone sees a new update bringing bug fixes and tweaks

Media playback is a core use of devices today; music and videos consume a significant chunk of device use time. VLC has continued to release updates to their beta app that have been nailing bugs and adding features along the way. The most recent update brings the app to, and this is the most stable and fully featured build yet.

The lead developer of this project, Thomas Nigro, has listed the change log on twitter:

This update has rolled out to users now and can be downloaded from the store. The app has a more refined dark theme, and the buttons have slid toward bottom right corner. The app is fast and does a decent job of media playback. There are still known issues that will eventually be addressed, but this latest update is a step in the right direction.

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