VLC app for Windows Phone 8.1 likely to arrive in August as a Beta, are you looking forward to it?

VLC Beta for Windows Phone 8.1 likely to arrive in August

For months we have been hearing about VLC media player’s arrival on Windows Phone. However, for some reason, the massively popular player hasn't yet made its way to the Windows Phone Store.

Earlier this month, we heard another rumor -- from quite a reliable source actually -- which claimed that VLC player will arrive on the Windows Phone handsets in August. The rumors seems to be spot on, as the developer himself states the same.

Moments ago, VLC's developer, Thomas Nigro announced on Twitter that the beta version of VLC app will be ready in a week. "...a first release with Beta status. Should be August," he states on Twitter.

Given the approval time Microsoft might take to get the app listed on the store, it seems likely that the app will be available by next month.

With VLC media player, users could expect to play a plethora of file-formats which are not compatible with stock Video app. Are you excited about finally getting VLC on your Windows Phone handset or have you made the commitment to another third-party media player app? Sound off in the comments below!

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