Vivaldi browser brings new features for power users in its latest update

Vivaldi, the popular alternate browser for power users, has released its latest version 1.12 with three highly requested features – instant access to Image Properties, advanced Download Info, and an option for toning down saturation for websites’ theme colors.

With the new built-in Image Properties feature, users can find meta-data of any image within the browser. You can find information like the model of the camera that took the image, depth of field and sensitivity of the image sensor (ISO), exposure and focal length, histogram, white balance and color space, as well as its dimensions and size and the time and date when the photo was taken.

Photography and design experts will appreciate instant access to the multi-channel histogram and raw data. Bloggers can easily get the dimensions of the image. Photo enthusiasts can use this new feature as a tool to learn more about their hobby.

- Henrik Helmers, Designer at Vivaldi

The Side Panel in Vivaldi enables quick access to Bookmarks, Downloads, Notes, History, and more. Vivaldi says that there were a lot of requests from users who wanted to see more details in the Downloads Panel, and now the Download Panel shows information about the name of the file, download speed, download URL, destination folder, and date and time – along with offering exhaustive sorting options.

The latest update also brings a new feature allowing users to control saturation for websites’ theme colors. You’ll now find a slider in the Settings that allows users to adjust the saturation level of accent colors.

Vivaldi says that it works closely with its dedicated community of users and volunteers to build the browser. The saturation control feature for example was requested on Twitter, and was implemented the next day by Vivaldi developers. You can download Vivaldi browser from here.

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