Vivaldi browser adds advanced accessibility features in the latest update

Abhishek Baxi

Vivaldi, the popular alternate browser for Windows, has released its latest update – version 1.11.

The latest version improves the Reader Mode that the browser packs in and allows users to adjust the settings right at the top of the page they’re currently viewing in the Reader Mode. They can choose the font type and size of the text, set the column width and line height, as well as select either dark or light background without having to navigate away from the page.

The latest update also offers an easy way to turn off GIF animations which is handy for people who react to flashing images and want to avoid them.

With the latest update, users get more control over the editable Mouse Gestures features with the ability to set the minimum stroke length for the gesture to be registered. Editable Mouse Gestures allow users execute a command with a simple movement of the mouse.

Also, releasing version 1.11, Vivaldi has updated its application icon. According to Atle Mo, the designer at Vivaldi Technologies, the latest update marks the beginning of a larger visual overhaul as the company is working on its default themes and webpages.

You can download Vivaldi for Windows from here, and give it a whirl.