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With thousands of organizations now embracing the hybrid work culture, Microsoft has been busy at work to ensure that it has the necessary tools in place to ensure that the experience is seamless and replicates the actual experience at the work.

Microsoft debuted Microsoft Viva Connections Home to meet this need as it creates a modern employee experience. Previously, the employees’ productivity was greatly impacted because of disjointed employee experiences, which in turn led to dissatisfaction.

However, the Microsoft Viva suite and Viva Connections Home have mitigated these issues. Employees will now be able to access the most comprehensive set of employee experiences from one convenient location within a single pane, thus enhancing productivity.

Microsoft has extensively discussed Viva Connections Home in its MidDay Café Viva edition podcast. The podcast covers the ófferings that ship with the neat tool, how to customize them as well as tips and tricks that you can leverage to further enhance your experience.

Check out the video below for more insight:

According to Microsoft:

The best of breed modules covering Employee Connections, Insight, Purpose, and Growth, come to life for employees within the Viva Connections Home. Whether mobile or desktop, Viva Connections Home provides tailored experiences to specific employee groups, roles, or geos with targeted news, conversations, applications, and content powered by AI and Microsoft Graph.

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