Visual Studio update (KB3001652) yanked due to freezing PCs

Visiual Studios Bootloop

Earlier today an update to Visual Studios began rolling out, KB3001652 (Update for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime). The update was intended to install the 2010 tools for Office Runtime while updating the premature shut down thread in the WPF user interface, fix the lag occurring on touch enabled when shutting down Visual Studios that use the WPF, and address the incorrectly displaying installation Trust Prompt “Unknown Publisher” even when the publisher is fully trusted.

Well none of that was addressed as reports began to roll in about the problematic installation of this update. The patch begins to install, but never finishes, leaving the update system running indefinitely. The endless loop also continues for some users even after a reboot of the system. The reports of this problem is occurring on servers, workstations, and even Surface Pro 3 devices.

Visual Studio users are being encouraged to avoid this update until further news is gathered. We will update accordingly as new information comes in.

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