Visual Studio Code June 2016 brings version 1.3 with tabs, Extensions View, and more

The latest update for Visual Studio Code is now available. In the June 2016 update, 1.3, Microsoft is releasing some new features to improve your workflow during development and improvements to the general usage of the program.

There are lots of changes in this update which you can read in the announcement post, but here are the main changes to take note of:

Tabs: Tabbed editor panes allow you to quickly navigate to your files and organize your workbench.
Extensions: New in-product Extensions View to quickly find, install and manage your extensions.
Workbench: Enhanced Drag and Drop, Preview Editors to conserve your editor panes, and multiple Integrated Terminals.
Editor: Global Search and Replace, Indent Guides, Problems panel to view errors and warnings.
Languages: Better, more complete Emmet support, Atom JavaScript grammar extension.
Debugging: Lots of improvements including support for attaching to running Node.js processes and changing variable values during a debug session.
Extension Authoring: A new contribution point for menu bars and context menus. New APIs to open non-text resources and add editor decorator attachments.


Tabs are the most noticeable of the changes, and allows files to be displayed as tabs, rather than taking up the entire workspace. If, however, you don't like the idea of a tabbed interface, this can be disabled. Just set the workbench.editor.showTabs setting to disabled.

In addition to the improvements, there are also several bug fixes that will lead to a more stable experience:

  • 6316: Update should reopen all last opened folders
  • 1210: Open file dialog should start in the directory for the current active file
  • 7391: editor becomes unresponsive all the time since last update
  • 8173: Noticeable delay opening a Markdown file (source)
  • 7911: Terminal lines appears to have margin
  • 7684: Clicking into editor does not properly take focus from Terminal view
  • 7458: Runaway terminalProcess processes
  • 6738, 7442, 7444: Several issues related to resizing the terminal
  • 6743: Mouse wheel scrolling in integrated terminal only works on filled areas
  • 7357: Invoking the terminal sometimes yields an error "Cannot set property 'innerHTML' of undefined"
  • 6457: vim overrides the terminal color scheme

You can download Visual Studio Code here.


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