Visual Studio Application Insights gets new visual alerts

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Upon the announcement of the metrics widget for Visual Studio Team Services, feedback flowed to the Applications Insights team. In fact, the overwhelming amount of feedback seemed very positive. Many requests seemed to ensure the addition of visual alerts to be added onto the VSTS dashboard. Thankfully for people requesting, the feature has been added in the latest update.

The Application Insights metric widget will have brand new options for users that open up the configuration dialogue. At the bottom, a warning threshold value and a critical threshold value can be assigned.

As seen in the images above from left to right, the condition will change color based on the configurations. Purple indicates that the metric is within the expected bounds. Yellow indicates a warning condition and red will now show critical conditions. Besides the color changing, an icon at the bottom right indicates the status. The icon is especially useful for colorblind individuals.

This isn't the only idea that's cropped up from the recent feedback. The Application Insights team is looking into many other solutions for that the community has brought to their attention including:

App Analytics (Kusto) widget: Create a widget with the same basic functionality as the metric widget, but based upon a Kusto (App Analytics) query, so users can invent and return their own (perhaps very specific) metric.
Charts: Create a widget that can return a series of data and display it in a chart.

For users that have the metrics widget already installed on to their VSTS dashboard, the extension will likely auto-update. But if it is on-premises with TFS, make sure to uninstall the old extension first and install the newer version.

Have you tried out the Application Insights metric widget for Visual Studio Team Services yet? Let us know what you think of the update in the comments below.


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