Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Preview 1 is finally available!

Maourice Gonzalez

visual studio 2022 preview

While Visual Studio 2022 Preview builds have been available on Windows for quite some time, Mac users were made to wait a bit. However the wait is definitely worth it. This not just a thoughtless port, this is a legit effort to make developers who prefer macOS feel right at home.

The goal with Visual Studio 2022 for Mac was to create a modern IDE designed specifically for the Mac to provide a truly native macOS experience: The IDE was completely rewritten, the UI leverages all native macOS UI components to provide a more comfortable Mac user experience and better support for assistive technologies.

As Jordan Matthiesen, senior program manager from Microsoft explains.

With the move to native, we’re also improving IDE performance, addressing longstanding UI bugs, and reducing crashes.

There are also changes to bring consistency to the experience whether on Windows or Mac. As implemented in the Git Changes window, however it doesn’t end there. The changes and improvements are not just superficial.

.NET 6 and C# 10 support has been added via .NET 6 RC1. These are very important steps towards providing a comparable experience with its Windows counterpart, although .NET MAUI support is limited at the moment, it is present with full support coming soon. To read more about it, check out the official blog post at Microsoft DevBlogs.

Ready to try it out? You can get the latest release of Visual Studio 2020 for Mac here.