Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 RC brings a host of new features

Brad Stephenson


Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 RC has just been released and comes with several new features such as “Go To Implementation” being added to the right-click menu, a new quick action that converts get methods to properties when “Ctrl +” is clicked, as well as improved performance and added DirectX extensions (via NuGet), spell checking improvements, and additional support for per-user custom dictionaries.
Some other new features added with this release are the ability for CPU profiling while debugging, C/C++ debugging improvements, added support for Cordova 5.3.1, Android Marshmallow, and iOS 9, new enhancements to the type system, and a new plugin for Azure Active Directory authentication.
There has also been several updates for .NET Native, the XAML designer, the manifest designer, Windows Store packaging, and the debugger with the aim to help developers build and submit Universal Windows Apps to the Windows Store with greater ease. The forms for reporting a problem and making a suggestion have also been updated. The new problem report form will now ask for more information regarding the issue and request a user’s email address that can be used for future communications. Suggestions will now open up UserVoice, Microsoft’s platform for taking new suggestions and allowing the community to vote up (or down) different ideas.
The Director of Program Management for Visual Studio, John Montgomery mentions something rather important in regards to this update that many should take note of, “The Visual Studio Emulator for Emulator and Microsoft Test Manager will not be able to acquire online licenses when used with Visual Studio Update 1 RC installed. Therefore, we recommended that you avoid installing Update 1 RC on a computer where either of those products is needed. Also, only the .ISO files for Visual Studio Update 1 RC are available at this time, and these may take a while to download. The web installers will be available within the next several days.” You have been warned.
An extensive list detailing all of the updates can be found here. Are you excited by all of these new features? Was there something missing that you’d like to see added? Let Microsoft know in UserVoice but also sign off in the comments below to let the WinBeta community know what you think.