Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 is now available for developers

Dave W. Shanahan

Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 is now available for download. In addition to all the new Visual Studio features available in the new RTM update for Windows 10, Microsoft has also updated the icon for Visual Studio 2015, based on feedback from UserVoice. Previously, if you had Visual Studio 2013 and Visual Studio 2015 opened at the same time, the icons would be the same, so it was difficult to tell the difference when both were opened on the desktop.
In addition to fixing the icon issue, Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 comes with a variety of bug fixes and performance improvements, and new features for RTM, including:

  • .NET Framework 4.6.1
  • Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova
  • Visual C#
  • Visual C++
  • IntelliSense support for languages including Go, Java, Perl, R, Ruby, Swift, and TextMate
  • IncrediBuild-Visual Studio partnership
  • Tools for Universal Windows Apps v1.2
  • Native support for behaviors in Universal Windows apps
  • MSTest and CodeCoverage support for ASP.NET 5
  • Parallel Test Execution
  • Visual C# Interactive Window and command-line REPL
  • NuGet and NuGet Package Manager
  • TypeScript
  • Visual Studio license improvements

If you have ideas on how Microsoft can improve Visual Studio 2015 even more, let those ideas and comments be heard through UserVoice, Visual Studio 2015 feedback UI, or file a bug through Visual Studio Connect.
Download Visual Studio 2015 Update 1