Visual Studio 2015 introduces new Network tool for network diagnostics

Brad Stephenson

Visual Studio 2015 introduces new Network tool

The release of Visual Studio 2015 RC last month brought several new features to the app development software such as new UI Debugging Tools, an improved XAML designer and enhanced profiling and debugging features. A nice addition to Visual Studio 2015, that’s been a long time coming, is the new Network tool which is integrated into the software itself within the Performance and Diagnostics hub so developers no longer need to use third party tools for network diagnostics.

In a detailed blog post on Microsoft’s official The Visual Studio Blog, Visual Studio’s Program Manager Ruben Rios discusses the new tool which can help solve authentication, cache related and payload issues. “With Visual Studio’s new Network tool, developers can now easily record information about all HTTP network operations made through the WinRT HttpClient API including HTTP request and response headers, request and response payloads, cookies and detailed timing information amongst other things. Operations made using the old .NET HttpClient API aren’t captured.”

Visual Studio 2015 introduces new Network tool

Visual Studio 2015 gives developers the ability to not only make apps for Microsoft platforms like PC, Windows Phone, Xbox One, and HoloLens, but also iOS and Android devices using a variety of programing languages. Are you using Visual Studio 2015 RC? What do you think of its new tools so far? Share your thoughts with others in the comments below.