Visual Studio 2012 RTM incompatible with Pre-RTM builds of Windows 8

For those of you who are developing apps for Windows 8 using Microsoft’s very own Visual Studio 2012, there is a slight problem when trying to install Visual Studio 2012 RTM on any build that is prior to the RTM build of 9200: It wont work!

Developers who try to install Visual Studio 2012 RTM on Windows 8 Release Preview or any build that isnt RTM will see an error like this, “The .Net Framework installed on this machine does not meet the minimum required version: 4.5.50709.” According to Microsoft, this is a “blocking error and only allows the install to be canceled.” The problem? “Visual Studio 2012 RTM is not supported on pre-release versions of Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012,” Microsoft states. The only way Visual Studio 2012 RTM will work is if you install it on Windows 7 SP1, Server 2008 R2 SP1, Windows 8, or Windows Server 2012 RTM. If you are still developing on PRE-RTM builds of Windows 8, just use a PRE-RTM build of Visual Studio 2012.

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