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Visual Studio 11 Release Candidate receives interface changes, will have less Metro

Microsoft upcoming Visual Studio 11 Release Candidate will feature some user interface changes, all thanks to feeback received from beta testers. The changes include a lighter shade of grey for the overall theme and color added to the status bar. On top of that, VS11 will be less-Metro.

Hey what do you mean by “less-Metro?” Microsoft is taking a step back when it comes to the Metro design language and Visual Studio 11. Developers have complained via feedback that Metro was taking things too far in Visual Studio 11, so Microsoft has dialed it back a bit. The Typography and fonts have been adjusted a little bit, replacing some areas that were all caps with upper/lower case instead. The new UI is now a lighter shade of grey rather than a darker shade of grey and color has been added back to select commands, IntelliSense, and Solution hierarchy icons.

Based on beta feedback, Visual Studio 11 has been changed in the following ways:

  • An overall desire for more visual “energy” and contrast
  • Calls for a more balanced application of Metro styling
  • A desire for greater icon clarity and differentiation through the use of color

Visual Studio 11 Release Candidate is expected the same day as the Windows 8 Release Preview, which is around the first week of June. For more screenshots on the new interface changes, head over to the source link.

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