Visio for Office Insiders gains Smart Diagrams

Michael Cottuli

Microsoft Visio

Are you an Office Insider looking for some new productivity features to play around with? The latest tool for Visio might just catch your interest. The new feature is referred to as “Smart Diagrams,” and it lets you turn an Excel document into a Visio flowchart automatically. No fussing around, no individually making shapes, just a simple import to make your chart in Visio.


The new feature is relatively bare bones right now as it’s in early phases of testing, but it’s still definitely worth checking out if you don’t mind dealing with a few bugs. You can get access to Smart Diagrams quickly as long as you’re already an Office Insider, and you can sign up for that access right here.

That page will also link you to where you can share feedback about the feature, and also has some resources for those who are entirely new to Visio. It’s also worth noting that you don’t need to have a Visio license to test this out – you just need your Office Insider access.