Vine updated on Windows Phone, brings it closer to its Android and iOS counterparts

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Vine updated on Windows Phone, brings it closer to its Android and iOS counterparts

Windows Phone users have typically relied to Rudy Huyn’s 6tag and 6sec to get their Instagraming and Vining done on the platform, but for some reason, it’s still exciting when the official apps get an update. We keep asking ourselves if the latest update will finally get rid of the beta stamp on the Instagram app, or finally bring the Vine up to feature parity with its iOS and Android counterparts.

Today, the official Vine app for Windows Phone was update with some pretty significant new features. For starters, the new update allows you to select videos to upload from your camera roll, lifting the limitation of having to always record your six second clips directly in the app. You can now trim your existing clips and mix and match multiple clips together to create your Vine.

The new update also allow you to send Vine videos to a friend privately, and have the conversation go back and forth in short 6 second intervals. Think Twitter direct messages, but with videos. Additionally, you can now customize your profile with colors and enjoy a re-designed Activity section which now includes account milestones and better display and management of notifications. Speaking of which, you will now get notified when your friends join Vine so you can instantly start following them.

Head over to the download link below to get your hands on the new Vine update for Windows Phone, and let us know how you like it compared to 6sec and Vine on other platforms.

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