Video of unreleased version of Windows 10 for phones shows off Office, Spartan, and more

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Windows 10

A video of an unreleased version of Windows 10 for phones is making its way around the web. The video includes a look at universal Office, Spartan, the Windows Phone Store, and more.

Unfortunately for me, I don’t speak Chinese and that’s the language the video is in. Going exclusively off of the video from Windowsblogitalia who got it off of Chinese Youku, Microsoft Word looks amazing on Windows 10 for phones. Editing looks smooth, the layout looks sleek, and the overall design looks to be very in line with Word for the desktop. The video is embedded below so you can judge for yourself.

We also get to see the new Microsoft Store on Windows 10 for phones. If you haven’t yet taken a look at the UI in a preview build of Windows 10 for phones this video gives you a taste of what’s in store.

We’ve mostly seen Windows 10 builds for the desktop, though we recently had an exclusive look at Windows 10 for small tablets. There have been a couple of released builds for Windows 10 for phones but this video is of an unreleased version.

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