Video shows Cortana on the Xbox One as part of "the new Xbox One experience"

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Xbox One and controller

A new video has been released that shows off the “new Xbox One experience.” Touting a faster experience the video also displays new features and layout changes that have been made to make it easier to do more without leaving your game.

The video has a heavy dose of the upcoming Fable Legends and a hint of Forza Motorsport 6. In it you can see Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana helping out players. Not only can she tell you if one of your friends is online, she can also tell you what the next quest in your game is. This is a prime example of Cortana getting better and better as she jumps to new platforms.

There’s also a friends bar and notifications center that can come in from the side of your screen without requiring you to leave gameplay. That’s the big selling point of this ad. You can do more on your Xbox One without interrupting your game, and it’s a point worth selling. The smoother jumping between tasks can be, the better.

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