Video: Kinect Hack That Lets the Disabled Shop With Ease

Email Twitter: @ronwinbeta Jun 6th, 2011 inUncategorized

Talk about cool, a group of guys developed a project, called “wi-Go,” that utilizes a laptop and a Microsoft Kinect attached to a shopping cart allowing the cart to follow a wheelchair user.

Microsoft’s motion gaming preipheral, Kinect, has been a popular choice among entertainment and gaming seekers. But the Kinect has also been popular amongst the hacker scene. A group of hackers created a 3D video chat system using the Kinect. Now, we get to see a new hack that allows a shopping cart to follow a wheelchair user.

Microsoft recently stated that it’s Xbox 360 sales were “accelerating.” Microsoft can thank the launch of the Kinect motion gaming peripheral for its success in the gaming arena. The Kinect was launched last year and has allowed the Xbox to increase its sales over time rather than plummit.

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