Video: How a Nokia smartphone is manufactured

For those looking for a 3.5 minute video on the entire manufacturing process of a Nokia smartphone, you are in luck. This video starts off with the first holes being drilled into the case and ends at the packaging point.

In this video, we get to see the entire manufacturing process of a Nokia N9 smartphone. Although this phone is the first and only smartphone based on the MeeGoo platform, we do get a quick glimpse at how our phones are created at Nokia.

The Nokia N9 features a polycarbonate shell with a 3.9 inch curved glass screen and was the lovechild between Nokia and Intel’s partnership.

Analysts criticized Nokia for releasing a Meego powered smartphone after partnering with Microsoft. “The N9 comes too close to the expected launch of Nokia’s Windows Phone device to have any impact on its current smartphone woes. The strength of rival ecosystems leaves little room for MeeGo powered devices. It’s difficult to see the N9 being anything more than a niche device … the N9 will be a tough sell,” said head of research at CCS Insight, Ben Wood.

Nokia developed MeeGo with Intel last year but pulled back four months later and recently decided to turn to Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform as its main smartphone operating system. Nokia continues to face steep competition from rivals in several categories. In the smartphone arena, Nokia is facing Apple, RIM, and Google while phone makers are dropping prices resulting in more purchases of such phones.

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