Video game streamer Ninja is well on his way to 1 million followers on Microsoft's Mixer

Just a few days after making the move to Mixer from Twitch, world-famous streamer, Ninja, has almost reached the 1 million follower milestone on Microsoft’s streaming service.

On August 3rd, Ninja tweeted that his Mixer account had reached 500,000 subscribers, and as of today, his account has reached 716,000 followers. Subscribers are those Mixer users who pay a monthly fee to watch a channel while followers are those who simply watch for free. Given Ninja’s popularity and the amount of press his jump to Mixer has received, it’s a pretty safe bet that he’ll hit 1 million followers and 1 million subscribers by the end of the month.


Ninja’s Twitch account had well over 14 million followers when he left to join Mixer and many of them have clearly already joined him as seen by the dramatic rise in downloads for the official Mixer app on the iOS and Android app stores. If Ninja can convince even half of his Twitch following to join him on Mixer, Microsoft’s streaming service could really give Amazon’s a run for its money.

Given how much money Ninja was making from his Twitch streaming, it’s assumed that Microsoft offered him a significant sum of money to stream exclusively on Mixer but details of the arrangement have yet to be officially revealed.

Ninja’s move to Mixer is mostly thought to be an attempt to increase user activity on the streaming platform though many speculate that Microsoft will also use him to promote the launch of the new Halo video game and the next Xbox console.

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