Viber for Windows Phone updated with general enhancements and bug fixes

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Viber is one of the most popular, cross-platform VoIP client with over 300 million users who use the service to talk to their loved ones. If you're a regular user of Viber, head over to the Windows Phone Store since the app has received an update albeit a minor one.

"With Viber, everyone in the world can connect. Freely. More than 300 million Viber users text, call, and send photo messages worldwide over Wifi or 3G - for free. Viber is available for many mobile and desktop platforms," the app description reads.

The latest update bumps the software version to 4.1.2, and brings enhancements to the way photo, video and location messages are handled by the application. It's not a big update, but enhancements and bug fixes are always welcomed since they improve the overall user experience.

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