Viber 4.0 update brings better notifications, fast resume and more to Windows Phone 8

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Viber 4.0 update bring better notifications, fast resume and more to Windows Phone 8 users

Viber is a chat tool that is making great inroads into Skype user-base and the latest update to the Windows Phone 8 app makes a number of improvements that improve the overall experience. For the most part, Viber is very much what you would expect from a VoIP tool but the move to version 4.0.0 sees the introduction of a number of key changes and additions.

The look of Viber instantly gives it away as a consumer app rather than Skype’s dual consumer and business role, but this is certainly not something to hold against it. One of the most welcome addition to the latest release is improved loading speed. This applies to launching the app from scratch as well as resuming after switching apps.

Improvements have been made to push notifications so they are not only delivered faster, but now Viber notification sounds will be used to alert you to their arrival. When a notification does appear on-screen, you now have the option of hiding it.

For younger users — and the young at heart — the Sticker Market is an interesting alternative to sending emoticons, and there are free and paid-for versions available.

Here’s the full changelog for version 4.0.0 of the app

  • Download many free and paid stickers from the Sticker Market
  • Get more details like when your message has been seen and when your contacts are online
  • Viber notification sounds will be used for incoming push notifications
  • Ability to hide notification content
  • Improved resuming and loading speed and push notification delivery

Grab yourself a copy from the Windows Phone Store, or check for updates if you already have it installed.

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