Verizon’s upcoming Nokia Lumia 929 shows off its large 1080p screen in leaked photo

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Nokia Lumia 929, for Verizon

We learned recently that Nokia was working on a large 6 inch Windows Phone device codenamed Bandit, which we now know is the Lumia 1520. This device is set to hit AT&T on November 8th. However, a new photo has leaked today showcasing a similar device, but for Verizon. This device is apparently the Nokia Lumia 929.

According to @Evleaks, a reliable source when it comes to leaked smartphone photos and screenshots, Nokia is planning on launching the Lumia 929 on Verizon. This device will be available in black (as pictured above on the left) and in white. As you can see the Lumia 929 is nearly similar to the Lumia 1520 (pictured above to the right). 

Both devices feature a large display and 1080p resolution. While the Lumia 1520 sports a 6-inch screen, it is currently unclear what screen size the Lumia 929 will sport. According to rumors circulating the internet, the screen size might be slightly smaller than 6 inches.

Of course, we can venture a solid guess and say that both devices are running Windows Phone 8 and the latest GDR3 update. As for specs of the Lumia 929, nothing has been confirmed yet nor has this device been announced. The Lumia 929 will be the sequel to the Lumia 928, which was Verizon’s flagship 4.5-inch Windows Phone 8 device.

For those of you on Verizon, rejoice! Looks like you will be getting a bigger and better Windows Phone device soon. While the Lumia 1520 is rumored to be announced on October 22nd, no word on when Nokia will unveil the Lumia 929. Stay tuned!

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