Verizon HTC 8X finally receiving Windows Phone 8 GDR3

Verizon htc 8x finally receiving windows phone 8 gdr3

For those of you who own a HTC 8X Windows Phone device on Verizon, you will be happy to hear that Verizon is finally rolling out the GDR3 update - also known as Update 3.

Update 3, to refresh your memory, brings forth several new features to Windows Phone 8, including Driving Mode, Bluetooth fixes, enabled Wi-Fi during device setup and screen orientation lock. While Update 3 doesn't seem major, it does pack several big features and improvements. You can check out our recap of Update 3 here.

If you already have the Update 3 Preview installed, have no fear. You will simply snag the firmware update that comes along with the update. The firmware update will allow you to charge your phone while it is off. Here are the updates that are part of this package: 

  • MS update 8.0.10492.116
  • MS update 8.0.10328.78
  • MS update 8.0.10501.127
  • HTC update (no info; firmware)

To snag this update manually, head over to Settings > Phone Update > Check for updates. You will end up with 8.0.10501.127 as your operating system build number.

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