Verizon has designed a fully functional in-game mobile phone in Minecraft

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North American mobile network, Verizon, has just created a rather ingenious multimedia promotion by designing a completely functional mobile phone that works in the videogame, Minecraft. With the assistance of programmers, Wieden+Kennedy and BlockWorks, Verizon managed to use the complex coding available to gamers in the PC version of Minecraft to create an object in-game that resembles a phone, can connect to real cell networks and is capable of sending and receiving video calls to real-world phones.

The virtual Minecraft phone can also send text messages, browse websites and take photos however all media is rendered in the expected blocky Minecraft style.
Microsoft bought Mojang, the company behind Minecraft, in late 2014 and has since been very active in building up the brand and incorporating it into future projects like HoloLens. Recently several expansions were released for the Xbox One version of Minecraft such as the Minecraft: Xbox One Edition Holiday Pack and a new Star Wars expansion pack.

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