Verizon: Droid X Gingerbread upgrade available May 27

Looks like we are going to taste Gingerbread on our Droid X very soon. Verizon Wireless confirmed that the Android 2.3 update will be available to waves of users begining May 27. On June 1st, anyone can manually download it.

The upgrade includes speed improvements, better Android battery life, and a refreshed user interface, among other new features and improvements.

According to Verizon’s Droid X Software Update page, you’ll be able to manually install the update by looking in the “System Updates” section of your phone’s “About Phone” settings menu. Once the update is available, you should see a “Download” link there. Alternatively, if you don’t start the download on your own, the upgrade will automatically be sent to you over-the-air at some point in the coming days. A notification will pop up on your phone prompting you to start the installation.

Any Droid X users excited? I am!

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