Verizon allegedly releasing Windows Phone Denim update to Icon owners in February

Verizon allegedly releasing Denim update to Icon owners in February

Supposedly, Verizon is planning to release the Denim update to Icon owners this February. However, there has not been any official word from either Microsoft or Verizon on this development, the only indication of this Denim development is via a tweet by Joe Belfiore today. Verizon Lumia Icon owners have still no received the Cyan update, so as an Icon owner, I will have to take this new information with a grain of salt.

It should be noted that the Verizon Lumia Icon is still unavailable on the Verizon website. Initially, Verizon stated the reason for the Lumia Icon’s disappearance from their website was due to the Icon being out of stock, but I am beginning to suspect something else is afoot for the Verizon Lumia Icon.

Time and time again, Verizon Lumia Icon owners have been promised that the Cyan update was on its way, only to be disappointed. It seems that every other Lumia device have the Cyan update, even the Icon’s predecessor, the Lumia 928, but not the Lumia Icon. It looks like us Lumia Icon owners on Verizon will have to wait and see what happens.

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