Valve warns that Steam Deck may throttle performance to protect itself during heat wave

Robert Collins

Valve has issued a statement on the official Steam Deck Twitter account warning users that the handheld PC gaming device may throttle performance in the midst of the ongoing heat waves that have plagued much of North America and Europe (not to mention Japan) recently.

In the statement, OnDeck also mentioned that the Steam Deck enjoys optimal performance at ambient temperatures between 0° and 35° C (or roughly 32°—95° F). At temperatures higher than that, the Steam Deck may throttle performance to protect itself from damage to its internal components, particularly its APU. At an internal temperature of 105° C (or 221° Fahrenheit) the Steam Deck will shut down.

Interestingly, Nintendo also issued a similar warning in regards to its Switch console. Nintendo also cautioned Switch users against placing the device in such a way that blocks the intake and exhaust ports, which can also cause the Switch to overheat.