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UWPHook will add your Windows Store games to Steam

There have been multiple ways of adding UWP (and WinRT before that) games and apps to Steam, but all of them usually require some time to set up. Fortunately, a new tool has been released that allows just that, but with a user-friendly interface.

UWPHook is exactly what it sound like. It creates a normal Win32-like shortcut for UWP-powered apps and games, to make sure programs and tools like Steam can work with them without problems.

For example, Forza Horizon 3 or Halo 5: Forge are both UWP games and can't be easily added to Steam's library. This tool should fix it in a couple of clicks.

The tool itself features Googles Material Design for some reason and is fairly easy to use. Just press the "+" button and select the apps you want to make shortcuts for.

That's pretty straightforward and should be appreciated by many gamers. Check out the official website here, if you have any questions. The app itself can be downloaded from this link.

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