Using Windows Phones in the NYPD was the "most effective" option 3 years ago

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The NYPD's Jessica Tish was given some rather strong coverage in the New York Post earlier this week when it was reported that the police force would be shifting away from Microsoft's Windows Phones, which Tish initiated three years ago, and instead would transition to Apple's iPhones. One New York Times source stated that, "Nobody purchases 36,000 phones based on the judgment of one person… I don’t care if you’re Jesus f- -king Christ, you get a panel of experts," when asked about the need to shift mobile platforms in such a relatively short period of time.

Jessica Tish was quick to respond to the criticism in a post on the NYPD News website. "Three years ago we made the decision to bring mobility to the NYPD. At that time, neither iOS nor Android phones allowed us to cost-effectively utilize prior investment in custom Windows applications," she says in the post, revealing that Windows Phones may have actually been the best decision at the time. "Moreover, we assessed that the Windows platform would be most effective at achieving our goal of securing 36,000 devices that would be used for sensitive law enforcement operations. This was of paramount importance. The devices were rolled out as tools to help officers fight crime, enhance their safety and improve policing in New York City."

Tish also mentions that the NYPD "smartphone initiative is 45% under budget" and that on last Sunday, "NYPD officers used their smartphones to help respond to over 25,000 911 calls; ran 18,000 searches; and viewed 1,080 flyers of missing or wanted persons." Incorporating mobile phones into the NYPD workflow has obviously been of significant benefit.

There aren't too many details as to why the decision was made to transition from Windows Phone to iPhone but overall feeling seems to be that using an Apple smartphone is simply cheaper in 2017.

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