Using the Windows 10 Technical Preview with Media Center? You've just opted out of updates

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Windows 10

Windows Media Center is a program many are still clinging onto. With Windows 8.1, it was possible to purchase a license which would add Media Center to your operating system replacing the branding of "Windows 8.1 Pro" to "Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center". It appears, due to a bug, it is possible to upgrade to Media Center with the Windows 10 Technical Preview too, but according to Microsoft this will stop you from receiving any future updates to the operating system.

Those who have upgraded to Media Center with the Windows 10 Technical Preview will notice that the operating systems branding changes from "Windows Technical Preview" to "Windows 8.1 with Media Center", rather obviously this bug causes anomalies with the branding within the operating system. Because of this, the Technical Preview will not receive any future updates, so you've essentially just opted-out of updates if you've installed Media Center.

Don't worry though! There's an easy-fix for this, according to the Microsoft support forums, an in-place upgrade will fix this problem. We're yet to try this so don't take our word for it. How many of you decided to install Windows Media Center, and if you did why haven't you stopped using it yet?

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