Using the Microsoft Edge browser can earn you extra Bing Rewards credits

Jonny Caldwell

Users of Microsoft’s new Edge web browser have even more of a reason to use it as their default web browser now. Microsoft is now offering extra Bing Rewards credits for users who conduct searches with Bing using Microsoft Edge.
Microsoft Edge is Microsoft’s new web browser that comes with Windows 10 to replace Internet Explorer. It’s clear that Microsoft wants Windows 10 users using the browser as opposed to Chrome or Firefox, hence them promoting it and giving out extra Bing Rewards credits.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with Bing or its rewards program, Bing is a search engine that competes with Google, and Bing Rewards is a way to earn credit for searching with Bing. Bing’s rewards program is arguably a user-benefiting attempt to get users to switch from Google searching. Bing is also the search provider of Cortana, the virtual assistant by Microsoft for Windows 10 and Windows Phone devices.
It’s an interesting idea. I’m already using Edge to search on Bing, but it’s nice Microsoft is rewarding extra to people using their services.