Using HoloLens, Wargaming shows off the ultra-rare "SturmTiger" at TankFest 2017

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The World of Tanks team at Wargaming values itself on its accuracy when portraying some of the deadlier variety of machines from the World War II era. They've gone to exceptional lengths to learn more about the tanks available, how they performed, and what are their weaknesses, bringing them to life in World of Tanks for gamers. This year, at TankFest 2017 at the Bovington Tank Museum, Wargaming took it one step further to share sneak peeks at one of the rarer tanks through Microsoft HoloLens.

The Sturmmörserwagen 606/4 mit 38 cm RW 61, also called "Sturmtiger", is a very rare WWII tank. It was armed with a single 380mm rocket-propelled round and provided heavy fire support for infantry units. Due to its specific role, only a few Sturmtiger tanks were produced, which is why it was a big event when Wargaming assisted the Bovington Tank Museum in restoring one and bringing it to mixed reality.

Attendees of TankFest 2017 were able to not only look at the newly restored Sturmtiger, but to see it life-size through the HoloLens as it rolled onto the World of Tanks battlefield. But the mixed reality offers more than just observance. Now visitors are able to take apart the tank mechanism by mechanism to learn more about what's behind the firepower up close.

Microsoft HoloLens and mixed reality, in general, has opened up many new paths of discovery in areas we hadn't expected before. If there were a piece of history you'd like to see up close in mixed reality, what would it be?

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