Using ‘Clearflow’ predictive analytics technology, Bing Maps now provide more accurate trip times globally

Bing Maps

Microsoft has been hard at work to improve the quality of their various services, Bing Maps is the latest such example. Through the use of their new ‘Clearflow’ technology, Bing Maps has reportedly been able to improve the accuracy of travel information, news which will no doubt come as welcome to regular users.

Through the analysis of live-traffic information, which Bing Maps also now supports, Clearflow is able to predict congestion on roads where live-traffic information is not available. This ability is of especial interest to those who live away from the main population centers, where mobile network reception is patchy and the daily commute can be rather long. Until this point, the service has only been available in the United States, however it is now being expanded globally.

Whether the service shall prove to be successful globally is another matter altogether however. As regular users of mapping software can attest to, the quality of map software varies massively depending on the country of use.

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