UserVoice for Windows allows users to suggest new features for upcoming Windows 10 operating system

Windows Feedback

Microsoft recently launched the Windows Insider Program for all enthusiasts which to help test and supply feedback for the Windows 10 operating system. Microsoft also has a dedicated UserVoice forum for Windows, which allows users to submit suggestions regarding new features and more, much like the Windows Phone and Xbox forums.

Microsoft is actively watching its UserVoice forums for any new features which are popular amongst users. The way UserVoice works is simple. Someone posts an idea for a feature, and other users vote and comment. The most popular ideas are then forwarded to Microsoft to be looked at. If reasonable (and sensible,) Microsoft will work towards getting said feature into their products.

Compared to the Windows Insider Program (which generally focuses on feedback on features already in Windows), the UserVoice forum will allow users to suggest new things that aren't currently available in the Windows operating system. One of the most popular UserVoice suggestions right now is the inclusion of Windows Explorer tabs, something users have wanted for many years.

Give the UserVoice forum a look around and make sure to vote for your favorite features and ideas. Who knows, perhaps your vote could help towards bringing new features to Windows 10!

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