User interface tweaked in Windows Store app on Windows 10 Mobile

The Store app was updated just a few minutes ago on Windows 10 Mobile and it looks like mostly user interface tweaks are in store (no pun intended). For those who track such things, the new version is 2015.25.5.0, a whole bunch of digits updated from 2015.23.23.0.

Microsoft isn’t always terribly forthcoming with changelogs lately and so we’re not too terribly sure exactly what’s been changed. Just flipping things around and digging through the UI, we were able to identify a couple of changes.

First, landscape view now kills off the hamburger, giving us a nice list of menu items instead:

Windows 10 Mobile Store Update Menu

The hamburger menu disappears in landscape mode.

Second, the “Check for updates” button has moved places.

Windows 10 Mobile Store Update Button

The update button has moved places. Imagine that!

That’s about it as far as we can tell. If you update your Store app and find something new, please don’t hesitate to let us know. That way, we can share the love with the rest of the WinBeta universe!

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Find anything else that's new in the Windows 10 Mobile Store app?