Slay zombies with exclusive items in the Day One Edition of State of Decay

Sean Michael

State of Decay

Fighting off hordes of zombies can be tiresome work. On top of being resilient creatures bent on consuming your flesh they also often come in high numbers. Killing hundreds of zombies with the same selection weapons can get tedious. To help bored survivors of the undead, a Day One Edition of State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition for the Xbox One comes with an array of exclusive items. Here’s how they’re described by

  • SKS Firearm – A classic Soviet-era semi-automatic carbine, modded up with all the latest furniture, including a 40mm grenade launcher under the barrel. Perfect for picking zombies off one-by-one…then blowing them all to pieces when things go south.
  • Prepper SUV – The ultimate marriage of cargo capacity and durability, this rugged off-road vehicle was a solution waiting for a problem. The reinforced body offers top-of-the-line resistance to zombie incursions, with plenty of room in the back to store all your best survival gear.
  • Folding Axe Melee Weapon – An essential piece of survival hardware. It’s light, portable, and made of modern materials that will keep a sharp edge, even after multiple brainings.

Having a couple extra weapons and an SUV that could easily be used as a weapon adds just a little more to an already inexpensive game. The worldwide release date is April 28, 2015.