Use multi-touch Windows 8.1 devices to play your favorite board games like RISK and Scrabble

Email Twitter: @DaveWShanahan Dec 10th, 2014 inNews

Some classic board games never go out of style. Before the age of PCs and tablets, board games were all the rage. Hasbro envisioned a new take on two classic board games for multi-touch Windows PCs and tablets: “Scrabble – The Classic Word Game” and “RISK – The Game of Global Domination.”

In “Scrabble” ($4.99), now you can touch the screen to mix up and reorganize letters just as if you were placing the actual board game. There are multiple learning levels, so you can play with anyone, even kids. It is not always about showing how many words you know, but you also have to think about the placement of the tiles to get the most points. You always want to find a way to double or even triple your score.  

If world domination is more of your thing, you can try your hand at “RISK” ($4.99). Strategy is all part of the game in “RISK.” Build up your forces and defenses, get allies and hunt for the ultimate goal: world domination. You can now just touch the screen to roll the dice, move your armies, or browse cards.

Download “Scrabble – The Classic Word Game” and “RISK – The Game of Global Domination” from the Windows Store in the links below.

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