US Mobile offers the Lumia 530 for just $9.99

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If you’re looking to snag yourself a Windows Phone on a budget, then US Mobile has a deal you might be interested in. The Lumia 530, a Windows Phone that’s just over a year old, will be available starting at 5PM EST at US Mobile for just 10 dollars. The phone, which often goes for anywhere between $30 and $40, is a fast, reliable smartphone that ought to satisfy anyone on a budget who needs a phone.
US Mobile is a company that prides itself on offering fairly priced plans, claiming that its average customer only pays about $14 a month for their service, on account of their “pay for what you need” prepaid business model. It seems like a solid alternative to anybody who doesn’t want to lock into a contract with leviathans like AT&T or Verizon, but still want to get into the Windows phone game.
The Lumia 530 features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 quad-core processor @1.2ghz with 512MB of RAM, though it only has 4 GB of internal storage, leaving you with about 2GB of usable storage to contain your apps, music, etc. Thankfully, you can put in a MicroSD card to increase that storage space if you need to.

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